Friday, January 13, 2012

26. Good-bye to the fairy

        I had to ask the fairy to leave.  So now my little fairy’s gone and I’ll probably never see her again.  Poor Bonnie.  I really had no choice.  To think the fairies were trying to steal Madison’s baby sister.  And still are!!  They want to kidnap little Amie and take her away to the realm of fairies.  The whole idea sickens me.  I thought fairies were supposed to be good.  It’s horrible to contemplate.  What would Amie’s parents think?  Never to see their little girl again!  They would be grief stricken.  And what would happen to Amie in the world of fairies?  Who would raise her?  Would she ever see her own kind again?  What would they do with her?  I don’t want to even think about it.  What makes this whole mess even more reprehensible, the fairy prince is planning to involve me in their nefarious plot.  He thinks I could be a big help to them.  He thinks I will carry Amie away from the safety of her home and into the woods for them.  They must be mad.
        Bonnie cried and cried and claimed they were not doing anything wrong.  She said it was a great honor.  She said Amie would be well cared for and would lead a pampered life in the fairy palace.  She said Amie would be special there.  That she would be happy.
        Despite all Bonnie’s arguments and pleading, she knows good and well how terribly wrong this all is.  Why else would Bonnie have refused to tell us what they wanted?  The fairy’s been with me for over three months now.  She could have said something?  There’s no way Bonnie could think it’s alright to steal a baby from her parents.  No way!
        Bonnie was surprised by the reaction of Madison and me as she finished her story of the fairies’ aborted baby snatching attempt.  The one that failed only because I happened on the scene at the last moment and let the dog loose and spoiled their plans.  I shudder to think if they had gotten away with little Amie.  They were so close.
        How many other little children have fairies stolen over the years and taken into the realm of fairies?  How could they think kidnapping little children is acceptable behavior?  Kidnapping children is nearly as bad as murder.  I’d like to take that fairy prince and his warriors and his chemists and smash them all up a bit and throw them back into the hole in the ground from where they came.  There is no way I would ever let them take Madison’s little sister.
        So the more I thought about it, the more I came to the sad but inescapable conclusion that I could no longer have anything to do with fairies, including Bonnie.  Much as I love Bonnie, and as much fun as she is to have around, the danger is too great.  It sickens me.  I cannot believe Bonnie was actually a party to baby snatching.  And of someone I know, little Amie Renard!  It sickens me to think about it.  I actually feel ill.  I really have grown to love Bonnie.
        “You are going to have to leave,” I steeled my resolve and said to her firmly, when we got home and out of the car and safely back into my bedroom.
        “Leave where Michael?” she asked, and there was a tremble in her voice.
        I went over to the window and cranked it open.  Grief made me feel all clammy, but I took the screen out.  “I don’t care, just go.”
        Bonnie stood on the edge of the desk, looking up at me with those large imploring eyes.  “Michael, I don’t understand.”
        I raised my voice.  “I can’t have you here any longer!”
        “Because, because, you don’t want to help us bring the little human girl to the realm of fairies.”
        “But, but, when may I return?’
        She started to cry then.  “Michael, I cannot leave you.  Please Michael, don’t make me go.”
        “I’m sorry.  You must leave.  I have no choice.”
         She fell down on her knees.  “No Michael, I won’t, not unless you order me too.”
        I pointed out the window.  “Then I order you to go.”
        “Please Michael, I will be good, I promise.”
        I shook my head.  “No!”
        She shook herself and rose to her feet.  Reluctantly she took flight and flew erratically to the window seal.  There she landed and turned and made one last parting plea, “If you order me to leave, then I am bound by oath to obey your command.”
        I was too upset to argue.  “Go.  I command it.  I never want to see another fairy again, especially you.”
        She gave one last heart-wrenching sob, and then she left.  I watched her fly off into the night and disappear.  I don’t think I’ll ever see her again.  She’s gone.  This is probably the last blog I’ll be writing.  She’s gone.

    January 13, 2013
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