17. Names and roles of various fairies

        It’s been almost a week and I’m still stuck in this hospital.  I need to get home to take care of the fairy.  The wait is killing me, and the continuous noise from this stupid TV in my room is driving me crazy.  My current roommate plays it continuously, says it helps him deal with his pain and discomfort.  Who am I to deny a sick person his distractions from pain and suffering?  I have an email from Madison.  The fairy gave her a description of all the fairies in their expedition and it’s fascinating to read and contemplate.  I’m so bored.
        Madison has the fairy at her house.  I can’t imagine how Madison’s managed to keep the little fairy hidden all this time, considering all the people that live there – her parents, six sisters, and a whole slew of pets.  Madison shares a bedroom with Hannah, who keeps a small boa constrictor named Slytherin in an aquarium right in the same room.  They have other pets in the house too.  Madison says their dog Hunter likes the fairy, but they have to keep the cat Smoke well away.  Apparently the fairy is fascinated with their parrot, Long John Silver, who lives in Nicole and Amie’s room.  I’m not surprised, the fairy described to me once how fairies domesticate birds and have a special affinity for them.  Some types are even used as mounts back in the Fairy Realm.  Apparently the fairy really likes it in Nicole and Amie’s room.  Beside the parrot, the little girls have a large multi-story doll house that Mr. Renard built and they’ve been passing down from sister to sister, and it keeps getting bigger and bigger as their dad adds rooms and they buy more doll furnishings.  It used to be Madison’s originally.  She’s the oldest.  Madison only lets the fairy play in the doll house when she can keep a close eye on her and no one else is about.  The fairy is just the right size and fits in different rooms just like a live Barbie Doll.  I need to get home and get the fairy away from Madison before she totally corrupts her.
        It’s so boring here, I’d have gone crazy if not for visitors.  My mom’s been spending a lot of time visiting and keeping me company.  We don’t talk much, mostly just watch TV, but its nice having her close, and it gets her out of the house, and not stressing so much about her own anxieties.  Me being in the hospital gave her an excuse not to go with Unger over the weekend.  Mom’s been trying to take care of me.  She stood up for me in front of the doctors and nurses and even a police man, who were pestering me with questions I didn’t want to answer.  I had to pretend I couldn’t remember how I got hurt.  Later Madison confided she told everyone we were out walking in the woods and got lost, and I fell and impaled myself on the bronze slivers.  Like I’m some kind of klutz that would hurt themselves stumbling over their own two feet.  And why doe no one think it odd that Madison and I were out alone in the woods.  It’s not like we’re even dating or anything.  Then the doctors discovered some strange chemical compounds in my blood and wanted to know what kind of drugs I’ve been taking.  I insisted I don’t do drugs and Mom defended me again.
        Some friends have been by to visit also, Westley daily, and on mutual night the rest of the guys from church came by, and some again on Saturday.  They really fill up this tiny little hospital room that’s been my home for the past few days.  Brian’s been up a few times too, with Mom.  I’m going to have to show him the fairy when I get back home, I can tell he has questions.  At least he’s enough sense not to ask with Mom around.  Brother Abernorth from seminary came by and smuggled me a chocolate shake with a hamburger and fries.  He’s all right.  Why can’t hospitals cook food as tasty as MacDonald’s?  And Ms. Weaverspell from chem lab was by to visit one day after school.  She even apologized for being so hard on us that day we made a disaster of her class and one of her beloved experiments.  Being sick has its advantages.
        I’ve been trying to get Madison to bring the fairy in for a visit, but Madison absolutely refuses.  Too risky, she says.  The hospital would never allow it.  It’s against the rules.  Who knows what kind of germs or viruses fairies might carry.  Madison is not one to ever do anything the lease bit against the rules.  She makes me so mad sometimes.
        Madison did email me this recording she made of a discussion with the fairy, which she secretly recorded and then typed up, where the fairy told her the names and roles of all the other fairies in their expedition.  The names are kind of hard to decipher, but Madison did her best coming up with an English approximation.  Even those are confusing and I know I could never remember them, so I’ve made up with nicknames for each.  Bonnie seems to like the nickname I gave her, and also the one for Jennie.  I’ve read the email from Madison over and over again and spent some time, time is something I have a lot of right now, memorizing all the names and trying to match names to the fairies I could remember from that night in the woods.  Should we meet again, I’ll be prepared.  Here’s the email Madison set me:

        “Bonnie, can we talk about the other fairies?” I asked her?
        The fairy reluctantly put down the tiny hairbrush I’d given her, with which she’d been amusing herself brushing her chestnut colored mane over and over again like this little brush was a marvelous wonder.  “Sure,” Bonnie looked up at me with her large brown eyes.
        “I’m curious how the other fairies were able to speak English?” I asked her.
        “Oh Madison, all of us can speak your language,” Bonnie corrected me.
        “But, it seemed only a few of the fairies could talk?”
        “All fairies going on an expedition to the Human Realm are required to learn the language of humans.  It is required.”
        “But, you didn’t know it at first?  Michael had to teach you?”
        “Bonnie knew English.  Bonnie had been taught before coming.  Bonnie not able to understand Michael at first.  Too loud, to fast, to strange.  Sound like booming wind.  Michael teach Bonnie.  Now Bonnie can understand.”
        “Oh, I see.  You were taught our language but never used it with humans before.  Tell me why you came to the Human Realm?  It was an expedition of some kind?”
        “And now they expect Michael to help?”
        “Yes, Michael will help.  Michael promise.”

        “Michael will help with what?”
        The fairy got real quiet, then whispered, “Bonnie not tell.”
        “What did you say?”
        The fairy repeated with emphasis.  “Bonnie not tell.”
        “Why not?”
        The fairy hunched her shoulders.  “Forbidden.  Bonnie not tell.”
        I found it curious she was so determined not to discuss this vital subject.  “Okay then, can you tell me about the other fairies?”
        “What Madison want to know?”
        “Tell me about the fairy that you and Michael call Jennie, the one that met us in the woods, is she your friend?”
        “Genovefa, my sister, my comrade, yes my friend, my BFF.  We grow up together.  We from same village.  We always together.  We sent to the palace together to serve in the court.”
        “The palace, I see.  That sounds grand.  Doing what?
        “Fairies from our clan in the northern kingdom are smaller and faster, fly really fast, make good messengers, good scouts.  Michael call our type pixies.  Conobelinus a pixie too, but she not serve our prince, or his father the duke.  She a servant to his highness, the king, the ruler of all fairies.”
        “A fairy king, wow, and a fairy duke and a fairy prince.  That fairy we saw in the woods, which was in charge, the one Michael spoke with, was he one of these?”
        “Yes, yes, he the duke’s son.  He is Prince Vercingetorix.  He very important, very great, very noble, and regal, and powerful, and brave, and very handsome.”
        “He did seem nice.”
        The fairy beamed proudly and rose up on the balls of her feet.  “Duke Vercingetorix very strong and wise and kind and handsome.  Duke Vercingetorix very good.”
        “You mentioned a fairy called Cono… something.  Was that the other fairy we saw in the woods with Jennie?  Another pixie?  Is she one of your friends too?”
        “No no, Conobelinus not Bonnie’s friend.  Conobelinus not Jennie’s friend.  Conobelinus not Lord Vercingetorix’s friend.  Conobelinus not nice.”
        “But, she looks like you and Jennie?”
        “Conobelinus from our clan, but not the same village.  Conobelinus a servant to the King.  Conobelinus obedient to the King’s Regent, Lugubelunus.”
        “Okay, I see, thank you.  What about the two fairies that attacked us in the woods when we tried to turn back.  They seemed different from you and Jennie?”
        “Drust and Elisedd.”
        “They looked bigger than you and Jennie, and carried weapons.  What about them?”
        “Drust and Elisedd are warriors.”
        “Both male and female fairies can be warriors?”
        “Yes, of course, six warriors on expedition, and Master of Arms, all very powerful, with special skills, specially chosen for the expedition.”
        “Please tell me about these warrior fairies, Drust and Elisedd, and who else?”
        “Teutorigos the leader, him very smart.  Drust the strongest of all warriors.  Judocus, there is none more expert with traps and weapons.  Cadeyrn small but unsurpassed in aerial combat.  The female ones, Elisedd and Seisyll, taller than the men.  Elisedd unparalleled with the bow and arrow and Seisyll the greatest champion of the entire kingdom.
        “An impressive group?”
        “Yes, and led by Bricius, there has never been an expedition so grand.”
        “He’s the older one, who spoke to us in the woods, before we met the Prince?”
        “He is.  Bricius is master of arms at castle Gweffned.  He commander of the grand armies of the Duke, over all the kingdom of Llangora
        “I hope you don’t mind I’m recording all this.  They’re no way I could keep it straight in my mind otherwise?”
        “Very important to remember,” Bonnie nodded.
        “Let me see, who else?  There were two other fairies with the prince, older fairies, who are they?”
        “Lugubelunus and Haerviu.  Lugubelunus is the King’s Regent.”  Bonnie made a face.  “He come on expedition to protect the King’s interests and to monitor our activities.  He not good.  Haerviu is chief chemist and grand advisor to the Duke.”
        “He’s the one that made that paste Michael ate.  What was that stuff anyway?”
        “Bonnie’s skill with potions and powders not great.  Haerviu chief chemists.  Bonnie not.  Haerviu greatest chemist in all land of fairies.”
        “Why did he want Michael to eat that stuff?”
        The fairy shrugged and looked evasive, definitely evasive at that question.  You could tell she was holding back.  “Bonnie not know,” she insisted.
        “Okay, any other fairies?”
        “Feidlimid and little Iodocus.  Feidlimid she is apprentice to Haerviu.  You see her, she maintain supplies, up in trees.  She help Haerviu.  She nice.”
        “And Iodo …”
        “Iodocus is only a child.  You not see her.  She a pixie like Bonnie, but only a child.  Very very fast.  She stay high and safe.  She guards the dagger of Goleuni Nefol.”
        “What, I don’t understand?”
        At this point the fairy looked a little flustered at having to explain, and I could tell she was tiring of the conversation.  She repeated herself.  “No one can catch a child pixie.  They too fast.  Little Iodocus, she stay high and safe.  She protect the sacred dagger.”
        Then the fairy uncurled her wings and stretched.  “Bonnie watch TV now.”
        I wasn’t going to get any more out of her.  “Sure, Oprah should be on,” I said.  “But only until my family gets back from my sister’s soccer games, then you’re going to have to go back in the closet.”
        That’s all I got.  It’s pretty fantastic.  What do you think, Michael?

        I think this is way cool.  I made a table to get all the names down and their roles.  I’ve also made nicknames for each of the fairies.  I am so bored.  I need to get home and get my fairy back.                               
My fairy
Bonnie’s friend
Duke Vercingetorix
Darth Vader
Master of Arms
Warrior - leader
King’s Regent
Regent’s servant
Little Io
Keeper of the sacred dagger

      December 10, 2012
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