11. A second fairy

        Last night another little fairy gained entry through the window and came into my room.  This new fairy was seeking the little fairy I captured in the woods behind Madison’s house a little over a month ago, whom I’ve become quite attached too.  The two fairies were very excited to see each other and after much hugging and rejoicing fell into an exuberant discussion, in that melodious high pitched fairy language of theirs, but unfortunately their reunion didn’t end well and they got into a huge fight before it was over.
        It was almost twilight and the sun was just beginning to set.  I’ve been leaving my window open at night, ever since the fairy blew pixie dust in my face that one night, while I was still asleep, and then ordered me to open the window.  At the time I assumed it was because she was getting hot at night, or maybe needed more fresh air, or maybe felt confined or something.
        I’ve learned this about fairies; they aren’t nocturnal by nature.  They tend to sleep at night like humans.  Fairies are creatures of light and love the sunlight and much prefer daytime hours, which is just the opposite of popular mythological creatures you read about in novels or see on TV, evil creatures of darkness who love the night - like vampires and werewolves.  Fairies are good and like nothing more than being out in the sun, and tend to shy away from the night whenever possible.  Their favorite time of all is early dawn with its promise of another fresh day.
        I was feeling a little exhausted yesterday, football season is over and I miss the excitement, we won our last game by the way, but not without a hard fight.  Anyway, I had gone to bed early, but wasn’t asleep yet and was idly watching the fairy through the mirror on my headboard.  She was tailoring some of the Barbie Doll clothes from the wardrobe Madison had given her.  The fairy had her knife out and was trying on and then cutting off and shortening all the dresses and any of the pants that had long legs.  I was just drifting off to sleep when the fairy let out of cry of delight and I saw a blur of movement from the window moving towards her.
        I was surprised to see another little fairy land on the desk next to my fairy.  Bonnie jumped to her feet with joy, dropped her knife, and the two of them hugged like long lost friends.  They clung to each other most affectionately, and began to chatter at each other in the melodious language I assume is native to their kind, talking way too fast and in much too high a pitch for me to even make out any words at all, regardless of the fact I couldn’t of understood their alien tongue anyway.
        This new fairy, which I shall call the blue fairy because of the color of her dress, is about the same height as my Bonnie, is also female, and she had on a leather jumpsuit like Bonnie’s, only it’d been dyed blue, as where her slippers.  She had some leggings on also, which I’ve never seen Bonnie wear.  The new fairy has the same thick fur-like hair on her head as Bonnie, only golden colored instead of brown, and trimmed shorter.  She looks to be about the same age as Bonnie, is slender, and has identical type wings.  Her face isn’t as round, with higher cheekbones, and she has more slant to her eyes, giving her more of a serious elfish look, but is cute too.
        After their initial greetings, the new fairy stepped back to look at the dress Bonnie had on and they both fell into giggles, causing me to marvel at the similarities between their behavior and what I might expect to find among teenage girls at school.  Bonnie was wearing a Snow White evening gown from Madison’s collection, with puffy shoulders and long sleeves and a skirt that swept to the floor, before Bonnie had hacked it off well above the knees.  Bonnie had also adorned herself with the plastic toy necklace and crown that went with the dress, and even the little plastic shoes.
        Suddenly the fairies turned their attention on me, and I had to quickly shut my eyes as they took flight together and were soon hovering over my bed looking down at me, chattering away excitedly.  There followed a tour of the room next and I was able to watch them as they examined their surrounding in minute detail, seeming to have a great time exploring together, Bonnie playing the tour guide, before finally returning to Bonnie’s area on the desk.  They sat with folded wings and legs, face to face, knees almost touching, talking in the most rapid and delightful manner, periodically waving their arms and hands about in emphasis.
        They carried on in happy conversation for some time, when suddenly a disagreement arose and their demeanor towards each other changed so abruptly I was much surprised.  Although I couldn’t understand the words, I could tell by the tone of voice and the fallen countenance on Bonnie’s face, the other fairy was saying things Bonnie definitely did not appreciate nor agree with.
        The little blue fairy jumped to her feet all in a huff and uncurled her wings, so fast it made the air pop.  She extended a hand to my fairy, but Bonnie only looked down and remained seated.  The blue fairy took Bonnie’s hand and pulled Bonnie up on her feet.  Reluctantly Bonnie uncurled up her wings also, and they flew over to the window, holding hands, and alighted on the window seal.
        This alarmed me and I was starting to get up and rush over to prevent Bonnie from trying to escape, when Bonnie disengaged herself from her friend’s hand, jumped off the window seal into the air, and flew straight back to her home on the desk.  I fell onto the bed in relief.
        The two little fairies were so engrossed with each other and this contest of wills, they didn’t notice I was awake.  The little blue fairy chased Bonnie back to the desk, waving her arms and chattering loudly at Bonnie.  She landed in front of Bonnie and gave her a shove, knocking Bonnie off her feet.  Bonnie squeaked and fell over backwards in a tangle of wings.  She didn’t rise or strike back, but folded her wings and remained prone on the ground, stared up at the other fairy with a hurt expression on her face.  The blue fairy took flight and hovered over Bonnie, gesturing towards the window and chattering angrily at Bonnie.
        Bonnie shook her head resolutely, which only served to further infuriate her visitor.  The blue fairy turned all red in the face and the golden hair on her head and neck got so stiff and straight it looked like needles.  She must have realized her coaxing was in vain, for she dove at Bonnie again, trying to grab at Bonnie’s hands and pull her up off the ground.  Bonnie resisted and the blue fairy was not strong enough to lift them both into the air.  She suddenly gave out a howl of frustration and kicked at Bonnie, catching her in the side.  Bonnie took it silently and still wouldn’t budge.  The blue fairy was beside herself.  In a fury she rose into the air and retreated to the window seal.  Looking back to make one last appeal for Bonnie, in response to which Bonnie pointed petulantly for her to be gone, the blue fairly pulled apart a slit in the screen at the corner and disappeared into the night.  I felt a wave of relieved so strong I shivered.  My little fairy had chosen to stay.
        Bonnie sat on the desk in a dejected manner for quite some time; then, much to my surprise, she got busy with her collection of powders, the herbs and spices she’d gotten from our kitchen.  Working with fixed determination, she began mixing one of her powdery concoction.
        I suspected what the fairy was up too, but was so pleased she hadn’t abandoned me, despite her friend’s adamant attempts to persuade her otherwise, I didn’t mind.  Bonnie took up a handful of the powder and flew towards me.  I shut my eyes and soon felt her blow the powder into my face.  It had a sweeter smell than last time, definitely a lot stronger, but not unpleasant.
        “Michael, sit up,” the fairy commanded.  I didn’t feel any compulsion to do so, none at all; but didn’t want to disappoint her.  So I opened my eyes and looked at her, then I sat up like she’d asked, just to see what she would do next.
        She gave me a couple of non-consequential commands - touch my nose, pat my head, wiggle my toes, all of which I did, trying not to smile.
        Then she flew up close to my face, and using her most serious voice, she commanded, “Michael love Bonnnnie!”  After speaking those words, she drew back and hovered a few feet above my head to observe my response.
        I wasn’t sure how to react, or what she was hoping for, so I repeated her sentiment, “Yes, Michael loves Bonnie.”
        She beamed at me, then drew close again.  Then she said, “Michael protect Bonnie.”
        I responded, “Yes, Michael will protect Bonnie.”
        That seemed to satisfy her, for she then commanded me back to sleep and returned to her home on the desk.
        So I lay back down and closed my eyes, so as to not make her suspicious.  But she didn’t need pixie dust for those things.  I already do love my little fairy, and there is no way I would ever let anyone hurt her.

     November 7, 2012
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