Sunday, February 3, 2013

33. Please call me

        Hey Michael, it’s me – Madison.  The one you’ve been calling Madison in this Blog.  You know my real name.  Where have you been?  We miss you.  I miss you.  Do you still have the fairy?  Hope all is well with you.
        Can’t believe you were keeping a Blog on all this stuff.  Then again, I can hardly believe the events described herein actually happened, but they did.  To you Blog readers, I want to say - everything Michael (not his real name either) has written in these Posts is true, to the best of my knowledge anyway, although Michael’s perspective on events is a bit different than how I would have described things.
        Michael, don’t be mad at Westley (you know his real name).  He told me about your Blog this morning, but he didn’t give me the password or username.  I hacked in to make this Post.  It wasn’t hard to figure out.  You could have come up with something a little more challenging.  Going through your Blog Posts made for some interesting reading.  I didn’t know you felt that way about me.
        So where are you Michael?  It’s been a week since you disappeared with Bonnie.  I trust she’s fully recovered from her wounds by now.  You brother and mom are well.  If they know where you are they aren’t saying.  I didn’t know of any other way to contact you, so I’m trying your Blog and hoping you read this Post.  I’m sure you will.
        Please call me.  I’m worried about you.  Oh, and, I like you too. 
Love, Madison

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

32. Final struggle with the fairies

        The fairies did come for Madison’s little sister last night.  I’ll lay out everything that took place.  Nothing ever works out the way you planned and hoped.  Don’t know what we’re going to do now?  Don’t know there is anything we can do.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

31. A fairy kiss

        The fairies are coming for Amie tonight.  Bonnie is sure.  She told us the fairies will make one last attempt to steal Madison’s little sister, tonight, and then they’ll go home – with or without Amie.  We’re ready.  Our friends are helping.  There’s no way the fairies can get past us.  Bonnie said all we have to do is make a strong showing, let their pixie scouts see we’re not leaving the little girl alone, even for a second – and then they’ll abort and go home without her.  Bonnie explained  told us, the fairies won’t dare waste this opportunity to get home with their prince, conditions are not often right for a crossing between worlds.  They’ll take their prince back to the realm of fairies and be gone.  Bonnie is sure.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

30. Never take a fairy to the mall

        Taking care of a human-sized fairy is not as easy as one might assume, definitely more of a challenge than a tiny fairy, which is easy to hide, which a person can whisk out of sight at a moment’s notice and put in one’s pocket.  It’s kind of hard to hide a full-sized girl.  Especially one that’s easily excitable and one that doesn’t know how to behave herself.
        I woke up ahead of the fairy that first morning after taking her home again, only now in human form, and I leaped out of bed and looked to the closet, worried it had all been a dream, my only thought to check and make sure she was still safe.  I half expected she would be gone again.  So I dressed quickly and jerked open the closet door.  I didn’t even knock.  Much to my relief, she was there, curled up in a tight little ball, sleeping on the floor snuggled in a nest of blankets, one draped over her delicate, but now very large form.  She was still wearing the black gothic clothes she’d been given by Winter, all but the combat boots, which were the first thing she’d kicked off last night when we got home and up to my room.
        Funny, when she was tiny it was easy to think of her as my fairy; not like a pet, but still like something that belonged to me.  Now that she’s full grown girl size, I can’t think of her that way anymore.  She’s like a real person now.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

29. Changeling powers

        Bonnie’s back.  My fairy’s come home at last, but she’s changed, and she’s in trouble.  Apparently, no surprise really, fairies have powers I hadn’t encountered, as if I ever really understood fairies - changeling powers.  Bonnie came back to me in the only way could, and still maintain her honor.  She had to change herself, she had to transform herself, so that she was no longer a fairy, so to speak, since I told her that I never wanted to see a fairy again.  So Bonnie changed herself into something different.  She did it for my sake.  So she could come back to me, and at great risk to herself, for I think maybe now she can never go home, never return to her own kind in the realm of fairies.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

28. Stubborn fairy

        Still no sign of the fairy.  I’m worried for her safety.  Poor little Bonnie.  She might be hiding in the house.  I want to hope so anyway, but I haven’t seen her, and with each passing day it seems more unlikely.  She has a talent for going unobserved when she wants too, and she’s very clever.  Once, at Unger’s house, I saw her cross a room full of people without being seen, like she was invisible, only she wasn’t.  She has an uncanny talent for knowing when people are looking her way.  At school once, she flew along the ceiling of a crowded classroom in Chem Lab without being noticed.   So she might be here, in the house, without my knowing it.

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