Sunday, February 3, 2013

33. Please call me

        Hey Michael, it’s me – Madison.  The one you’ve been calling Madison in this Blog.  You know my real name.  Where have you been?  We miss you.  I miss you.  Do you still have the fairy?  Hope all is well with you.
        Can’t believe you were keeping a Blog on all this stuff.  Then again, I can hardly believe the events described herein actually happened, but they did.  To you Blog readers, I want to say - everything Michael (not his real name either) has written in these Posts is true, to the best of my knowledge anyway, although Michael’s perspective on events is a bit different than how I would have described things.
        Michael, don’t be mad at Westley (you know his real name).  He told me about your Blog this morning, but he didn’t give me the password or username.  I hacked in to make this Post.  It wasn’t hard to figure out.  You could have come up with something a little more challenging.  Going through your Blog Posts made for some interesting reading.  I didn’t know you felt that way about me.
        So where are you Michael?  It’s been a week since you disappeared with Bonnie.  I trust she’s fully recovered from her wounds by now.  You brother and mom are well.  If they know where you are they aren’t saying.  I didn’t know of any other way to contact you, so I’m trying your Blog and hoping you read this Post.  I’m sure you will.
        Please call me.  I’m worried about you.  Oh, and, I like you too. 
Love, Madison

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