Friday, January 18, 2013

28. Stubborn fairy

        Still no sign of the fairy.  I’m worried for her safety.  Poor little Bonnie.  She might be hiding in the house.  I want to hope so anyway, but I haven’t seen her, and with each passing day it seems more unlikely.  She has a talent for going unobserved when she wants too, and she’s very clever.  Once, at Unger’s house, I saw her cross a room full of people without being seen, like she was invisible, only she wasn’t.  She has an uncanny talent for knowing when people are looking her way.  At school once, she flew along the ceiling of a crowded classroom in Chem Lab without being noticed.   So she might be here, in the house, without my knowing it.

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  1. Keep looking. You'll have to find her.

  2. Yes, keep looking. Show Bonnie you care and she'll come out.

  3. The fairy will be back, you can count on it.

  4. If the fairy is hiding in your house then you should be able to get her to come out. When your mom and brother are gone, simply go to each room of the house, including the attic and basement, and announce to Bonnie you want to speak to her in 5 minutes in the living room. Her curiosity will ge the better of her and she will come. Then you apologize to Bonnie. Then you tell Bonnie how much you care for her. Then you take back your order for to leave and tell her to come out. She will.

  5. Does everyone forget how dangerous some of these fairies are? Michael would be better off leaving them alone.

    1. It doesn't matter. Michael needs to find Bonnie. She can help him against the others.