Monday, January 28, 2013

31. A fairy kiss

        The fairies are coming for Amie tonight.  Bonnie is sure.  She told us the fairies will make one last attempt to steal Madison’s little sister, tonight, and then they’ll go home – with or without Amie.  We’re ready.  Our friends are helping.  There’s no way the fairies can get past us.  Bonnie said all we have to do is make a strong showing, let their pixie scouts see we’re not leaving the little girl alone, even for a second – and then they’ll abort and go home without her.  Bonnie explained  told us, the fairies won’t dare waste this opportunity to get home with their prince, conditions are not often right for a crossing between worlds.  They’ll take their prince back to the realm of fairies and be gone.  Bonnie is sure.

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  1. Michael, can't you see Bonnie is trying to control you?

  2. What happened last night? Did the fairies come for Amie? Are you all right Michael?

  3. Michael are you safe? Did the fairies try to take Amie?