Friday, November 2, 2012

10. Pixie power

        There’re certain advantages to having a fairy on your side, especially one other people can’t see.  Bonnie was a great help to me this afternoon averting a near disaster with Major Unger, who has become more and blatant in his pursuit of my mother.  Bonnie saved us in fact.
        I’ve learned fairies have kind of a sixth sense for knowing which way people are looking and how to avoid being noticed.  She’s quite good at darting about, even in plain sight, and not being seen.  I’ve been giving her free run of the house and neither Mom nor Brian has noticed her presence, even with her in the same room.  She likes to watch people and her curiosity is insatiable.
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  1. The fairy has become really really attached to you Michael. Are you sure this is a good thing?

  2. Wow, I can't believe what the fairy did for you Michael. And do you think the fairy would actually have thrown that needle like a spear into the back of that man's neck?

  3. You cannot blame the fairy. The man was intimidating and harassing Michael's mother. The fairy probably felt threatened too.

  4. That Major Unger guy deserved what he got and worse. Good for the fairy, and good for you Michael for chasing him away. Tell your mother not to have anything to do with him. Don't worry.

  5. I'm still not convinced it's wise to let a fairy run loose in your house.

    1. I think we all know it is not. Michael is playing with an unknown entity and is likely to be hurt.