Thursday, January 3, 2013

22. Portal to the fairy realm

        Something bad’s about to happen.  I have that feeling.  Something bad with regards to my fairy.  We haven’t seen any more of the gnomes since their attack, nor had any further visits by belligerent warrior fairies or jealous pixies, but I’ve spotted rats in the yard, hiding in the bushes and hedges, watching, waiting - like they’re keeping us under surveillance.  And crows too, always crows about during the daylight hours, in the trees, on the street lights, on the roof of our house, cawing and fussing and watching us with cocked heads.  Something is about to break and the waiting is hard to take.  The fairy prince wants my help with his expedition.  What and how and I have no idea, and Bonnie’s not saying.  The stress weighs heavy.  Something big is coming.

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  1. Don't worry Michael. Things will work out. You still have the fairy.

  2. Michael, stay away from that meadow and leave the fairies alone.

  3. Keep away from the fairies. When are you ever going to learn? Get rid of Bonnie. You are being used.

  4. Don't be intimidated by a troop of little fairies. Get your football buddies together, go to that meadow in the woods they care so much about, and kick that ring of mushrooms to pieces.

    1. You said it. Michael needs to go on the offense.

  5. The last thing Michael needs to do is further antagonize the fairies. Michael, you need help. Talk to your mom. Or if not, then Madison.