Tuesday, January 8, 2013

24. Advise from a witch

        Ms Weaverspell wasn’t the only one that learned about the fairy last Friday.  I didn’t think things could get any worse, with her talking of alerting National Geographic, publishing her findings to the world, even trying to get me to leave the fairy in her safe keeping, insisting she’s only trying to help – right!  Little did I know.  Before the day was over several others, with far more nefarious motives, also became aware of the fairy.  So many in fact, I’ve become convinced my only recourse is to take the little fairy and run.  I’m leaving home.  Mom and Brian will have to manage on their own.  I really have no other options available.  I’ll be leaving in the morning.
        After that disastrous encounter with Ms Weaverspell in chem lab, I took the fairy and got out of school quick, cutting across a large grassy slope towards the lower lots where I parked my Mustang.  As I neared the car, I saw trouble.  Goths were congregating in the vicinity of my car and were in way.  It was obvious they weren’t just loitering there, they were waiting for me, with one of them even leaning against the driver’s door, casually smoking a cigarette like in defiance of the world, the big guy with spiky blonde hair.  I don’t know how they get away with smoking on school grounds, definitely against school policy, and maybe even a misdemeanor, but no one seems to hassle them, and it’s obvious they’re smoking more than just cigarettes on some days.
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  1. You can't run away. Where would you go?

  2. You are in a big mess but you can't run away. Deal with it. Protect Bonnie.

  3. Get your friends to help. Hide Bonnie and don't let anyone else see her other than close friends.

  4. Michael, you are getting too caught up in worrying too much about people that have seen the fairy, your neighbor, a school teacher, school bullies - don't worry about them. They can't get the fairy from you if you're careful. What you need to worry about is the gnomes and even more about the other faires. What do they want with you? Will Bonnie help you against them if push comes to shove?

  5. Michael, give Bonnie to Ms Weaverspell. You obviously can't handle having a fairy.

    1. Yes. I just think Michael needs to be more assertive. The fairy is his. He doesn't need to show her to anyone.

  6. I disagree. Michael and Madison are real danger and need adult help. They should not be keeping Bonnie a secret from their parents.